What can a tenant do for the decoration of the floors?

What can a tenant do for the decoration of the floors?

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Your room has old parquet floors and you would like to put carpet on it? The tiling in your kitchen is sad and you would like to paint it? Attention, as a tenant, the modification of the floors is delicate. Nothing that changes the condition of the soil should be done without the agreement of the owner. here are the small decorative works that you can undertake without worries, and those for which you will have to ask the agreement of the owner beforehand:

I do this without asking the owner for approval:

- Lay a carpet or any type of covering, but without glue! Indeed, the work should not modify the structure of the floors, the owner is entitled to find the same floors as before the rental.

I ask the owner's agreement beforehand:

-Paint the tiling. -Position a covering (carpet, plastic floor, etc.) and fix it.

And the furniture, can I paint them?

Yes, subject to the owner's agreement. For more info: CLCV