How to find club chairs?

How to find club chairs?

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What are the different types of club chairs that can be found in flea markets?

Rather logically, we can find all types of club chairs that exist in flea markets or fleas. Because indeed, there are different models of club chairs : you should know that the latter appeared in the 1920s, in clubs reserved for men where the gentlemen drank scotch while smoking cigars and political talk… hence the name "club chair"! In the years 1930-1940, armchairs with gendarme hats were created: it is a variant of the club armchair with a square back, in the shape of a gendarme kepi.

From the years, the club chairs have started to color: they are on average more expensive than the others. Finally, we can also find in flea markets small models of club armchairs, practical for small interiors!

In what price range can you buy a flea club chair?

The club chair has become so trendy in recent years that even in fleas, do not expect to find a rare pearl in perfect condition for less than 100 euros!

The first prices for a club chair in average condition revolve around 200-300 euros. But on average, for a club chair in good condition, count from 300 to 1000 euros.

How to assess the condition of a club chair sold in a flea market?

It depends on the general condition, the size of the chair, its time of manufacture ... Anyway, theleather condition is an aspect to take into account imperatively. As such, do not forget that stains do not generally leave, and that scratches are difficult to recover on a leather club chair.

What is also very important is that the structure is of good quality. Indeed, if in absolute terms an upholsterer can completely redo the chair, he will still need the structure!

To note: the patinated leather gives a much appreciated aged appearance. And a well-maintained club chair can last a lifetime.

Are there club chairs that are more sought after or more highly rated than others?

Without question, the 1950s club chairs are the most sought after. Otherwise, some major signatures can raise prices up to 15,000 euros sometimes, for a Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann (decorator of the early twentieth century) for example.

How to negotiate a club chair?

Already, remember that whatever object you are looking for in a flea market, you must always negotiate: it is part of the game! At least count on a 10% discount on the displayed price, the sellers take this into account. Some sellers can even lower prices by up to 30% if you are good at it.

As for the timing, it is better to arrive early in the morning, before 10 am: this is when good deals are made. Possibly at the end of the day, certain objects can be taken out of the truck to replace the products sold, which can hold good surprises.

What are the best places to find a club chair?

On the Internet, an address is to remember:

And in Paris: Philippe Rosenthal, on the Dip Market at the Saint Ouen Flea Market, aisle 4 stand 3.

Otherwise, in all the flea markets of France and Navarre, as long as you have a good nose and a little luck!


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