Which mirror to choose for the bathroom?

Which mirror to choose for the bathroom?

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Scandinavian bathroom mirror

Clean lines, natural materials and functional objects are the credo of Scandinavian decoration. To create a Nordic spirit in your bathroom, a wooden mirror will be perfect! One thing is certain, this mirror will bring elegance and simplicity to all Scandinavian bathrooms! Very bright, the Scandinavian bathroom is also warm thanks to the choice of materials such as wood.

The tip to remember for a trendy decoration: to change traditional light spots above the mirror, opt for a hanging bulb.

A country bathroom mirror

Unlike a modern bathroom, the country bathroom is less refined but more authentic. And to choose a mirror suited to a country setting, you just have to bet on an old style model. We fall for a version in aged and patinated wood that will alone give a rustic look to your bathroom.

Arrange a bouquet of flowers to accentuate the bucolic spirit, pamper your feet with a cozy carpet and bet on bath linen with floral and delicate prints! A country mirror but not only ... In addition to the country spirit, this mirror can also give a recycled look to the bathroom. What delight all lovers of vintage decoration!

A boho bathroom mirror

In the bathroom, the boho decoration is not satisfied with a single mirror. On the contrary, she dares to mix and match mirrors with varied shapes and colors.

We imagine for example, a beveled metal mirror, a sun-shaped rattan mirror, a round mirror… Bet on natural colors for a colorful effect of the most successful!

The decoration idea to remember: One can imagine a gallery-style wall with ethnic wall decorations such as wall baskets or macramé. So generally, it is the walls of the living room that welcome this kind of wall decoration, the bohemian decor does not care about conventions and revisits the bathroom in style!

An industrial bathroom mirror

If your bathroom is industrial, the mirror must reflect this style: rough formwork! And what could be better than a metal structure with an aged effect or a dark wooden mirror, almost black? You can opt for a classic shaped mirror with substantial dimensions or go bargain hunting for a barber mirror, to hang on the wall with a black metal chain.

Remember: if you like the industrial style, know that it gives pride of place to raw materials. Since there are many pipes in the bathroom, consider exposing them rather than hiding them. And if you have a master suite, opt for a workshop canopy to separate the bathroom from the sleeping area. These typical industrial style features are sure to make a splash.

A baroque bathroom mirror

We recognize the Baroque style by its exuberance and daring. Indeed, this style feeds on extravagant materials and colors.

In the bathroom, the mirror is the ideal accessory to adopt the baroque spirit. And this, especially if it contains an ornamental finish like a wooden model with bronze or golden effect! Installed above the sink, this mirror offers a theatrical look in a rococo-style bathroom.

In all cases, it is imperative that you choose a large mirror for it to stand out. With its intense colors, the abundance of materials, the finesse of the details and its gilding, the Baroque style is not always unanimous. To adopt it without making a mistake, mix some Rococo accessories with more modern elements!

A family bathroom mirror

install a generously sized mirror which covers the length of the wall or the double sink cabinet. By opting for a simple, rectangular model, this type of mirror adapts to all interior styles!

Good to know: in addition to its primary function, the mirror has the distinction of reflecting light. It also allows you to visually enlarge a space giving it a feeling of depth. And the larger its size, the more striking the effect!

A mini bathroom mirror

In a small bathroom, it is necessary to install a mirror whose dimensions are perfectly suited to the space. install a round mirror or geometrically above the sink or basin.

You can also opt for mirrors with integrated shelves, which provide additional storage space in the room.