Vinyl floor and self-adhesive tiles

Vinyl floor and self-adhesive tiles

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The Pro Council

Thin, practical, quick to install, the self-adhesive PVC tiles allow you to finalize your decor in the blink of an eye. However, the floor on which you place them must be perfectly flat, clean and dust-free, which requires usually a little preparation. To facilitate installation, do not forget to place the packets of tiles in the room two days before laying, maintain and work at a temperature between 17 and 22 ° C. Also remember to carefully note the color and manufacturing references found on the back of the tiles: they will allow you to obtain, if necessary, packs of perfectly identical additional tiles.

The good choice

The first coatings were purely natural, made from linseed oil, natural resins, cork and wood flour, minerals and pigments. These recipes, which have fallen into disuse in the face of the preponderance of synthetic materials, are coming back in force today, notably linoleum, invented in England in the 19th century. Vinyl tiles, made from linoleum paste, offer extreme resistance to wear and puncture. Besides their qualities of solidity and durability, they are almost insensitive to cigarette burn and their colors do not pass over time. They have excellent antibacterial, anallergic and antistatic properties and are very easy to maintain.

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