Turn two old chairs into an original bench

Turn two old chairs into an original bench

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Create an original bench for outdoor use with a jigsaw turn and with a little patience. For that, take two identical chairs and a plywood board, you also need paint… And voila! You just have to install it under an arbor or a corner of the garden under a tree. Level : way Completion time (excluding drying time): 2h00 Indicative cost : 28 euros Necessary material : 2 recovered chairs 1 plywood board 140X37 cm = 14 euros 1 pot of 0.5 l of light blue paint = 11 euros 1 sheets of sandpaper = 2 euros and small nails = 1 euro Step 1: create the bench

Sand the chairs.

Place the board on the 2 chairs. Draw a semicircle using a plate.

Saw the plank with an electric saw.

Adjust the edges of the board to the seat. Do the same for the second side. Make a mark 8cm from the bottom of the legs of the chairs. Saw the bottom of the feet.

Nail the plank to the chairs.

Step 2: paint the bench Paint the bench blue.

Leave to dry for 2 hours and apply a second coat. Leave to dry for 2 hours. The most decorative : Paint everything in one color to create a unit. Creation Véronique Rambaldi


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