A Modo Mio: Italian coffee

A Modo Mio: Italian coffee

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A few days ago I was offered to test the espresso machine from Saeco and Lavazza: A Modo Mio. In Italian, A Modo Mio means in my own way, a way of suggesting that the possibilities offered by this machine are numerous. First of all, design side with the limited editions which offer tangy and pop colors: turquoise, fucshia, orange and green. Then taste side with the different capsules offered with sweet Italian names that immediately make travel. Finally with the steam nozzle which allows the choice of preparing hot water for his tea or milk foam for his cappuccino.

A machine that plays beautiful mechanics

At first glance, the A Modo Mio machine looks like these beautiful Italians nicknamed "yogurt pots". Like the Fiat 500 - the old generation I hear - the coffee maker A Modo Mio has a square all-round appearance and its chrome is clearly reminiscent of a motorized world. But the comparison does not stop with the aesthetics: A Modo Mio has more than one point in common with the automotive world, in particular in its operation (points which I will explain later). Everything suggests that A Modo Mio has the attire to please the fairer sex.

Less simple than it seems

If your design of the espresso machine is simplicity, A Modo Mio may not be the one for you. Without being very complex, it does not allow itself to be tamed at first glance. After several attempts, I still consult the user manual to be sure to follow the steps (and the fact that I am blonde is not taken into account). It all starts with the start button.

The reflex would be to press the central button visible in the photo above, but this button is in a way a fake since it has no other use than to indicate that the machine is on when it is lit. To really start the machine, you have to look at the back of the product as shown in the photo below. This implies not sticking the machine against a wall since you have to be able to get your hands on it. This may seem embarrassing for some, for others it will not matter.

Once the capsule is inserted in the tank provided, you will also have to engage the chrome lever by pulling it towards you so that the capsule is put in place.

The photo below shows the lever engaged. Again, there is a similarity with the automotive world because all of this makes me furiously think of an automatic transmission. Lack more than a little vroum to accompany the exit of the cafe.

Thanks to the 15 bars of pressure, you get a tight coffee and a smooth cream: the Italian espresso is there!

A steam nozzle that does not smoke

Having never had a coffee maker with a steam nozzle, I cannot compare it to the others and know if these characteristics are inherent in all other similar systems but know that in the case of the A Modo Mio, the steam nozzle involves some precautions. If your machine is stopped for too long, water is then "trapped" at the nozzle and it is better to drain this water before you can make a coffee. In the same way, when you want to make a milk froth, you still have to evacuate this residual water: two containers are then necessary to make your froth, one to collect the water and the other for the milk. It is a pity that Saeco does not supply with its coffee maker a container intended to produce milk froth because we do not all have at our disposal a suitable container. In my case I had to try several times before finding a suitable utensil.

You deserve a cappuccino! Plan to try some disappointing experiences before making the perfect milk froth. Once tamed, the machine really allows you to have fun and you get pretty things. In conclusion, I would say that it is a machine which implies being already well used to espresso machines as well as to the steam nozzle but if you are already a connoisseur and a coffee lover then this machine can be of great service to you. . For more information: the A Modo Mio website


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