Original lighting for an exceptional decor

Original lighting for an exceptional decor

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It is not always easy to find original lighting among the many offers of brands. On the strength of this observation, the brands are developing ever more amazing collections of lighting. Zoom on one of them! The 5.1 collection from Market Set, a lighting specialist, is a concentrate of originality to create all your atmospheres using lighting. Created in 1994, the brand designs contemporary lighting that adapts to all tastes thanks to a large choice: from wall lights to floor lamps, including ceiling lights and lampshades. Among our favorites, Market Set offers a creation by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac: the Tot'aime collection which is a reissue of the famous model from the 80s or even Cygne, a metal reissue of the Murano model designed by Fabio Fornassier. In terms of creation, Market Set called on Olivier Desbordes for original creations such as the Serena ceiling lamp with the look of a contemporary vessel. What find happiness! > More info on


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