Low prices for a decorative entry!

Low prices for a decorative entry!

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To decorate the entrance without breaking the bank, there are a few tips at low prices that are sure to have a lot of effects! Discover our very decorative tips that will transform your entry.

Small furniture

The entrance also needs to be furnished! But so that it does not cost you a fortune, bet on small replacement tips. For example, rather than opting for a console, prefer a small shelf to attach to the wall. You will then have a tablet to put a storage pocket for around twenty euros. Then, for practical questions, choose coat hooks. There are models at low prices that are very decorative with original colors and shapes. If you have enough space, opt squarely for a coat rack Finally, do not hesitate to opt for a small shoe cabinet in a large decoration sign.

Decorative touches

To bring a decorative touch to the entrance, bet on the decoration of the walls! You will be able to play the card of originality by betting on a patterned wallpaper such as quilting or knitting. On the color side, you can also have fun with red or black which is difficult to use in another room. Also think about the stickers that will create a decorative universe without taking up space.