Antoine, landscape gardener

Antoine, landscape gardener

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Originally from the North of France, Antoine, 28, has a real passion for nature since his earliest childhood, a passion initiated by his sponsor who introduced him to the plants, trees, fauna and birds of the region. It is therefore quite natural that Antoine quickly turns to the profession of landscape gardener. This proud Ch'ti begins his career in a botanical garden in the Hautes Pyrénées and then returns to the North, to create the "Jardins de la Scarpe" with his brother Rémi. Today, at the head of a company with 8 employees, Antoine is revamping the gardens of his region, but not only! He is also a pro of stone cladding, cobblestones, fountains and of course all kinds of plantations. He has been collaborating for two years on the D&CO program alongside Valérie Damidot. Antoine and his apprentices have already participated in 4 D&CO prime.


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