Outdoor poufs are suitable for children

Outdoor poufs are suitable for children

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The traditional pouffe adapts to the size of the little ones to offer them a design like the big ones! Sitting fun, the pouffe appeals to all generations, whether adults or children. This is why the creators have adapted the design of adults to children! The "mini fashion pouffe" is thus a reduced and colorful size of traditional poufs. All terrain and waterproof, it is designed to withstand anything that children can put it through. Juniors can sit as they please in maximum comfort. In terms of design, the poufs for little ones are much more decorative than those for their big brothers. Very "fashion", they are adorned with sheep, savannah animals, pirate standards, colorful numbers and letters or even pretty peas. What make this furniture a real play accessory! Dimensions 90x130 cm. Available in 6 original graphics. Price 149 euros. > On sale on


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