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In 2018, the exterior decoration is under the sign of escape. The different styles of outdoor decoration invite us to travel to France and around the world, to rest and finally to feel good in your garden, your terrace, your balcony. Through natural materials like rattan or teak, but also more industrial materials like metal or resin, the 2018 outdoor trends at Maisons du Monde will not fail to amaze us ... and convince us!

Souvenirs from Goa: elegance and chic

© Maisons du monde Sophisticated and chic, this trend comes from Goa, India. It is characterized by refined furniture, in soft and pastel shades. The furniture is rather rounded and suggests relaxation and comfort. The star material of the line is undoubtedly rattan, a natural and warm material. To enhance it, nothing better than white fabrics, such as cushions or linen tablecloths.

© Maisons du Monde Garden corner sofa in Sierra Nevada resin - Maisons du Monde

Relaxation in the land of carnival: color and energy

© Maisons du monde Warm and dynamic, this trend comes from an exotic country that we would all like to discover: Brazil. We then find comfortable furniture that invites escape, relaxation and pleasure. Resin, a flexible and colorful material, sets the tone for the decoration. The color possibilities are mixable and endless. For those who want to sunbathe on their balcony, or those who have a garden, sunbathing is the perfect accessory.

© Maisons du MondeCopacabana resin sunlounger - Maisons du Monde

Getaway to Portugal: comfort and aesthetics

© Maisons du monde Very sober and comfortable, this trend comes from Portugal. It offers simple furniture but which will immediately dress up the exterior. The flagship color of the furniture is white, gray and everything that is discreet while distinguishing itself. We find the two-seater armchairs in woven resin with thick cushions, perfect for a young couple freshly installed! And if the family needs to be enlarged, the same single seat chair will find its place.

© Maisons du Monde Garden bench in woven resin St Raphaël - Maisons du Monde

Relaxing in the south of France: warmth and friendliness

© Maisons du monde We all once dreamed of a stone house with a huge garden, a beautiful arbor, and what to spend a beautiful sunny afternoon. This trend is timeless, and it obviously comes from the south of France. To illustrate this trend, nothing better than the traditional lounge chair, with its sparkling and creative fabrics. This will delight children who curl up in their lounge chair after bathing or having a snack. In terms of materials, we don't forget acacia, a noble wood that blends perfectly into a flower garden.

© Maisons du Monde Acacia lounge chair Panama - Maisons du Monde


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