10 decorative atmospheres for a child's room

10 decorative atmospheres for a child's room

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Knight, princess, jungle or racing circuit, the children's room almost always tells a story. Between playful furniture and childish colors, here are ideas to stimulate their imagination.

A princess bedroom

All little girls dream of being princesses so to make them live their dream we opt for a fairytale decor. Prefer pink tones, the color par excellence of any self-respecting princess. Choose shiny materials like satin or glitter fabrics and bet on the sails. A canopy or a four-poster bed will have its effect!

A racing driver's room

Great adventurers, boys dream of conquering racing circuits. We choose colors that evoke the big automobile teams like red or blue. We put on the black and white checkered flags like the start of the race. The must: a car-shaped bed!

A retro industrial room

For a child's room that doesn't look like the others, we opt for a retro decor that the mottled furniture will make unique. This time we favor gray, taupe and linen tones over traditional pink or blue. The advantage: the child will keep this decoration longer than a too childish room. Get inspired!