Set up a pop-style studio

Set up a pop-style studio

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Studios and small spaces, fill up on vitamins with a pop style decor! The codes: pop art by Andy Warhol, primary colors, red, blue, yellow or saturated on furniture and rather round, soft and very plastic objects. Some ideas to help you pop without kitsch.

The starting point: primary colors

Red, blue and yellow are the basic colors for a pop style studio. Used in a unique way or in combination for the same object, underlined in black like a Mondrian, these colors energize the decoration and bring a real facelift.

Pop art for pub culture

In French folk art, or when objects of consumption become objects of art. We empty the kitchen cupboards without complex to display them on colorful shelves: cans, cans, bottles of milk ... As if Andy Warhol himself lived here!

An arty BD style

We adorn its walls with paintings, posters or posters inspired by Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein who uses weft dots as an integral part of his art.

Round shapes

Coffee tables, stools must have ovoid or round shapes. It's the geometric shape of the pop style, so we jump on the peas and sit on a Tam Tam stool.

Soft to sit

Practical for small spaces, poufs, pears and other soft armchairs allow you to sit, lie down or wallow. It's fun, it moves or it folds in a corner.

Exit kitsch

A pop decor is not a kitsch decor, so exit the glitter, rhinestones and feathers. We are on pop arty, which takes care of shapes and colors. These are already present and enough to decorate.

Vinyl on the floor

With the revival of vinyl and PVC floors, we are forced to put this coating on the floor rather than carpet. To choose plain red, yellow, blue or multicolored.