Shower screens for all bathroom configurations

Shower screens for all bathroom configurations

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A shower where you want when you want, that's about what we can do today thanks to new models that adapt to all room configurations. Built-in, at an angle, in a quarter circle, with sliding, hinged or even folding doors, the shower also comes out of the bathroom to be installed in a large bedroom. The shower wants to be modular, and that suits us well to find interior design solutions in a bathroom, when it is small in particular. The models of showers are offered in standard format but also made to measure, the showers are built-in, at an angle or in a quarter circle. Side doors, there are many possibilities: - Swing, one of the most used, the door opens with a system of hinges. - Pivoting, the door moves along a vertical axis. - Sliding, the door opens thanks to a rail on bearing. - Foldable, the door slides to fold the leaves. - "Walk-in", which means "free entry", that is to say that there is no closing system. Be aware, for example, that built-in showers with sliding or folding doors are particularly well suited to the most confined spaces. While the showers with pivoting walls will be suitable for large volumes, as in a bedroom for example. Finally, the walls are also available for baths, practical and aesthetic, they are more than an accessory, since they protect the bathroom from splashes. More info on


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