Light on the lights of Dix Heures Dix

Light on the lights of Dix Heures Dix

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The designers of Dix Heures Dix, Catherine Grandidier and Fabrice Berrux, imagine original luminaires that respond to different light management projects. It is in the Nantes region that since 2002, the two designers have been working on lamps that are always more original than each other. For their latest collection, they have thought of their creations as meeting three aesthetic poles: sculptural, high-tech or modular to meet each need.


So Fabrice Berrux has created Infini, a sculptural floor lamp with four panels that fit together to create a kind of totem. And according to your taste, you can replace the light panels with mirrors reflecting the space.


For Ligne, he bet on the high-tech aspect with a white corian floor lamp. The lighting is trichromatic with LEDs for a diffuse and intense light.


Finally, Catherine Grandidier imagined Koony, a suspension of three, five or seven aluminum cones. And to be modular, you can vary the inclination of the cones with an adjustable ring. > More info on