Small decorative notebooks to offer

Small decorative notebooks to offer

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To note your good resolutions for 2011, you need a notebook. Be careful, not just any! Choose a decorative notebook… Whether it stays near the phone, on the living room table or you take it out of your bag, your notebook must absolutely be aesthetic because it says a lot about its owner. Last Christmas purchases, exceptional evenings, telephone numbers, recipes stolen on the fly, little secrets ... You will always have it on hand to write everything down, as much as you like. To find the notebook of your dreams, go to a stationery store! Be aware that artists also embark on the decorative notebook, like artist Ben and his meaningful sentences. Behind the Door also asked its floor designers about the idea. The result: a colorful collection full of originality with "thoughts without counting", "scribbles on the phone", "K-yeah" or "sticky notes". You are spoiled for choice, it's up to you to find yours.


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