Video: table decor for Chinese New Year

Video: table decor for Chinese New Year

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February 3, 2011 will see the celebration of the Chinese New Year. In order to celebrate the event as it should, the editorial team offers you some tips for decorating an Asian-inspired and festive table. Prepare to enter the year of white metal rabbit in decoration! One of the key elements of a successful party table: color! Do not hesitate to tend towards flashy colors in order to light up your table and bring it conviviality and panache. Here, therefore, go on a base of red to recall the Asian hues and decline it ad infinitum ... From vermilion to fuchsia. It makes sense to play the card of the revegetation. Vegetable on your table will give it an authentic character, closer to this nature so dear to the hearts of our Asian friends. Ask your florist for advice on selecting the most exotic plants! Choose to decorate your table with objects and accessories that are just as typical as each other for a direct trip to the heart of Asia: lanterns, chopsticks, steamer basket ... Keep in mind the tableware and Asian gastronomy in your decor. Push the exotic to the maximum, and the better your decor. Decorative tip: a simple and decorative idea to remember to transform your mugs into candle holders! Simply turn your mugs over and place a candle suitable for the size on the underside of the cup. And there you go, guaranteed effect! To help you decorate your table, here are some shopping ideas. IKEA placemats - TOGA - 2.50 euros each Plates from the Tera collection - ALINEA - 27 euros each 6 Service from the Silaos collection - ALINEA Mug from the Pixou collection - FLY - 1.50 euros each Styling by the table: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi Discover our selection for a successful Chinese table setting:


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