Our tips for hiding unsightly cables

Our tips for hiding unsightly cables

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Near the TV corner, the office or even in the kitchen, electric cables always have the annoying tendency to gain ground and to become tangled. Result? They give the impression of disorder and spoil the decoration of your interior. However, there are many tips to make your connections a decorative asset. The proof with all our ideas to hide unsightly cables ...

1. Hiding cables permanently

© A chute to hide the cables? But still ... If you want to hide your electrical wires, prefer a more aesthetic and trendy solution: the plinth! Of course, this trick is valid for cables to hide in a durable way. We are thinking in particular of ready-to-install plinths, as proposed by the 99deco site. Designed in recycled PVC, the adhesive strips are easy to use and allow you to dress your walls elegantly while camouflaging the electrical wires along the wall. A two in one tip? We say yes! For the more DIY enthusiasts among you, also consider lining the wall or installing a formwork. Plywood can be enough to hide unsightly cables and create a desk corner or even a TV corner in style.

2. Create a cable cover

© Ikea Are your cables not long enough to hide them under a plinth? To store multiple sockets and small electrical wires around the television space or your office, you just need to create your own cable cover. We have set our sights on this most original decorating tip that does justice to object diversion. Here, a simple fabric pocket, fixed by eyelets and hung on a piece of furniture using L-shaped brackets, allows you to cover a power strip with delicacy. You can also bring a pretty box, a basket or a basket that you will pierce on both sides in order to let the electric wires pass while camouflaging them! No doubt, you will no longer have to worry about knots and threads dragging on the ground…

3. Customize cables

© La Délicate Parenthèse Rather than hiding them, how about customizing your electrical cables? If you have the soul of a creative, this is the time to roll up your sleeves! The good news ? There are many possibilities to make your cables more fun! In a tropical style, you can take inspiration from this jungle spirit creation. Thanks to the macramé technique, the creator of the blog La Délicate Parenthèse has wound the rope cables. But you can also thread large wooden beads to decorate your cables in a fun way and give a Scandinavian air to your decor! Finally, the masking tape proves to be a great solution if you want to hide your cables in a trendy fashion while saving money…

4. Use cables as decorative elements

© Tin & Ed Why hide electrical cables when they can become decorative elements in their own right? The industrial style of which rough formwork seems to be the key word is the perfect example. The electric wires are visible, accumulate and are readily assumed. We are thinking particularly of pendant lights composed of filament bulbs and extra long cables. To go further, you can even use them to create an atypical wall decoration. Like this inspiration where wall hooks accommodate cables and form buildings. You have understood, it is enough to divert your cables boldly to divert them graphically. The good news ? Many brands, such as, offer cables in various colors and patterns, for an even more personalized decoration…