Decorative wall panels in Corian

Decorative wall panels in Corian

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The DuPont Corian® wall panel collection received a special mention of the Design Trophies during the last Batimat fair. It is now marketed in France for the general public. Anne-Lise Citerne, marketing project manager at DuPont de Nemours, tells us everything you need to know.

What is the use of these wall panels in Corian?

These panels are all 2.40 m high by 0.70 m wide, except for one model, Phyllotaxis, which is 0.70 x 0.70 m. They have very diverse uses. It can be used as a half-wall, a screen (we have also developed a support to keep them straight), a screen, a shower screen, a screen, a sun screen, etc.

How were these Corian wall panels designed?

They were developed from the algorithms of great mathematicians, using an exclusive high pressure compression molding process. The range currently includes six models: Gauss, Voronoi, Fibonacci, Moiré and Phyllotaxis. The collection will gradually expand with new patterns. The process used also allows the creation of personalized patterns, with or without holes, in 3D or not, in order to meet the demands of architects and designers, in particular.

How long does it take to buy a Corian wall panel?

For a standard product that is not in stock, it takes a fortnight. For a custom panel, it takes between four and six weeks of delay because it is necessary to make a wooden mold and to test before making the final product.

How much do Corian wall panels cost, where can I buy them?

It takes between 450 to a little over 1100 € excluding taxes depending on the complexity of the panel. These Corian wall panels are distributed by Cascade Hi-Tech for the Paris region ( For the province, consult the list of distributors on the website dedicated to this technology: