Art Terre's ecological planters

Art Terre's ecological planters

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Made from Pevetex®, a recycled and recyclable material, the ACCESSORIES N ° 0 planters are surprising… Discovery: Pevetex® straps as a planter for hanging flower pots on the balcony , you had to think about it! And it was eco designer Cédric Carles from ATELIER2CE who had the idea! But what is Pevetex®? It is a material from the recycling of textile PVC, mainly from the automotive industry. Pevetex® was invented by Bernard Chaise and was awarded the Lepine competition and the Ministry of the Environment. This very resistant material can therefore be used outdoors without problem. On the design side, ecological planters have an aspect very urban and contemporary as much by their shape as by their slate color, which you will not find anywhere else! These ecological planters have another advantage, they are adjustable! The width is 44 cm, the height 35 cm and the pot 13 cm in diameter. These planters cost 65 euros.


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