Personalize your outdoor decoration by letting your creativity speak!

Personalize your outdoor decoration by letting your creativity speak!

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New with old is a trend in decoration! Dare to start making objects that look like you and that will give a real personality to your exterior.

Change your awning!

Few people think about it and yet it is much cheaper to change the fabric of your awning rather than changing the entire structure. Put money in your piggy bank by carrying out this operation yourself which is really very simple. Whether your awning is worn or damaged, you will be delighted to find that it will find a second youth thanks to a more current fabric. Play on patterns or sparkling colors to brighten up a garden or terrace. Choose your canvas and correctly measure the old one so as not to have any unpleasant surprises (height and width). Also think of the lambrequin if the original had one. Only imperative: be two to lower the support of the canvas, but also to take the measurements. Then remove the side caps. If screws hold the fabric, remove them to free the fabric. The fabric is often held in place by a rod that can be pulled. Wrap the new fabric on the rod before reassembling the assembly on the upright. The awning is again pleasing to the eye and no longer has the marks of time. You will find fabrics in very varied styles to meet the desires of everyone.

Fan your sunbathing

© Ohhio You put them away in the chalet at the bottom of the garden because they have aged or because they are too old in style. And yet, your sunbathing can regain youth and freshness! In no time, you give them a contemporary appearance and can display them proudly. Remove the canvas by cutting it. Take the time to sand the wood and apply a suitable paint for the outdoor furniture or simply to nourish it so that it is more resistant. Choose a solid and robust canvas that can withstand UV and bad weather so that you don't have to worry about your sunbathing spending a day outdoors. Have fun with the colorful fabrics and current patterns. A graphic design will give elegance to your outdoor decoration.

Collect pallets

It's the trend of the moment! Pallets cost absolutely nothing since you can ask companies around you to give them to you. Select resistant pallets that you will sand in order to remove any splinters that could injure. A comfortable and simple garden furniture No fuss with the pallets and yet you will love creating your garden furniture with a few hammer blows. You do not believe in it ? Find a tutorial on the Internet to take example from achievements explained step by step. Cut, assemble and make a garden furniture like no other. You can apply a treating varnish to the wood so that it does not rot on the first rain. And personalize your decoration by choosing a painting that you like. For more comfort, you can create cushions yourself to the size of your garden furniture. Very easy to make, just choose a comfortable foam and sew pieces of fabric so that the cushions fit perfectly on your sofa or armchairs.

An ideal green wall

Do you like green plants and want to green your outdoor decoration? Choose a palette that you will prepare in the same way as the garden furniture. Sanding, painting and protection against mold. Then choose the wall that will accommodate your mini-garden. Drill the support and the wall. Fix the pallet securely on the wall, then create small places to receive your pots or plantations.

A vegetable patch

You don't have the soul of a great gardener, but like to squander the earth and watch your plants grow? So make a vegetable patch with pallets! The advantage of the vegetable patch is that the plants need less watering and you hardly need to weed. There too you will find many plans and tutorials on the web to guide the making of your own vegetable patch. Choose easy-care plants and pair them with flowers for a fancy miniature vegetable patch.

What interest to do yourself?

By doing it yourself, you will take real pride in creating an object that looks like what you really want. The objects have more soul when you create them in your image rather than going to buy them in a store.

  • Save money! Avoid putting your money in new items while the things you have at home are still solid. Some people easily throw away things they are tired of. This way of doing things is also a source of unnecessary expenses.
  • The purchase of new objects generates an overconsumption of products and an aberrant waste. By doing it yourself, you are committing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. We congratulate you on your ecological spirit and you also transmit strong values ​​to those around you and your children.
  • It's also fun to revive objects! Imagine small workshops to do with your children and let them create objects according to their own tastes. And doing alone is also giving yourself time, listening to your desires and letting your imagination run wild. Don't be afraid to get started because you have nothing to lose!

See the objects of your daily life differently! Become more inventive and start refurbishing your outdoor decor. We will soon ask you for tips and advice to give new life to objects!


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