Before / After: Contemporary spirit for a parental suite

Before / After: Contemporary spirit for a parental suite

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Designing small spaces is an art that Anna Grant masters to perfection. The Parisian architect is accustomed to urban interiors with a narrow configuration, which she renovates in a spirit that is both chic and very contemporary. At the owners' request, she worked in this small three-room apartment in the 15th arrondissement to rethink the master bedroom. The latter was poorly arranged and lacked light, faults which Anna remedied with great ingenuity. Itinerary of a successful renovation!

Give style to an impersonal room

Before : Following the owners' call, Anna visits their apartment to establish an initial diagnosis: the three-room apartment displays a neutral, classic decoration without necessarily being pretty. The master bedroom is quite narrow, but has the advantage of having an en-suite bathroom. In appearance, the latter is however completely out of fashion. First challenge for the architect: to give personality to this soulless room. For this, it is inspired by minimalist but warm Parisian interiors, because it is essential that the room is as uncluttered as possible to keep its sleek appearance. After : Exit the pale pink walls, gray blue on the walls! Much more contemporary, this color goes perfectly with the black lines of the canopy as well as the linen bed linen chosen by Anna. The latter is available in mustard yellow, white and steel blue tones that the owners love. The bed has changed places to face the window: it is now placed against the canopy installed by the interior designer, who removed the old partition separating the bedroom from the bathroom. Under the glass wall is a headboard made to measure by a carpentry workshop: this piece of furniture has the same colors as the bedroom walls in order to be as discreet as possible, and serves both as storage and shelf. A well thought-out duplication, which remains functional while occupying a limited space.

An ultra contemporary bathroom

Before : The bathroom has a go-anywhere look with its large cream-colored ceramic tiles and its all-in-one piece of furniture. Small and without opening to the outside, it is only lit by two spots with fairly aggressive brightness. The owners want to remove the bathtub which they do not use in favor of storage and a walk-in shower. In terms of colors, the couple want to keep neutral shades but up to date. After : The bathroom has a new minimalist and very designer look. Anna Grant has bet on large gray porcelain stoneware tiles that provide a uniform background to this small bathroom, while providing a feeling of purity and space. The removal of the bathtub allowed the architect to integrate suspended WCs that were lacking in the room: hidden behind a low wall at half height, they now leave enough space for a storage cupboard located just above, also tinted of gray. Other storage spaces have been created under the made-to-measure vanity top. Decorated with several baskets, they offer easy access to toiletries and other beauty accessories.

Bring the corridor to life!

Before : The corridor leading to the master suite is typical of the 90s, with its large sliding closet doors in medium. Dark and linear, it hardly makes you want to be crossed! After : To break this long cold and impersonal straight line, Anna Grant has removed the old closet doors in favor of pretty linen curtains unearthed at Caravane. The carpet has also been replaced by light parquet, and spotlights have been added to illuminate the corridor optimally. By opting for noble materials (linen, wood ...), the architect proves to us that simple details can make all the difference! More information on