How to clean my plancha?

How to clean my plancha?

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Plancha is undoubtedly one of the most popular cooking methods due to its many advantages (diet, speed, etc.). You still need to know how to clean your plancha at home. Follow the guide.

Why is it so important to properly clean your plancha?

Over use, the device accumulates micro dirt and burnt and unsightly residue. Result, your plancha smokes and the taste of cooked food is altered. Not necessarily appetizing - even reassuring - for your family or friends.

If your plancha has just been used

Once the plancha has been used, wait a few moments until it has returned to an average temperature. Then gently pour ice water on its surface, or even a few ice cubes. Rub the assembly with a wooden utensil, draining the dirty liquid into a suitable container. If you don't have ice, go for white vinegar, a miracle household remedy.

If your plancha is moderately dirty

No need for a lot of materials, a damp sponge is enough to erase dirt in record time. If some residue still remains, arm yourself with a paper towel roll and a little oil. Once the paper is soaked, carefully rub the encrusted dirt.

If your plancha is very dirty

In difficult situations, the great remedies! Turn on your device and push the temperature to the maximum in order to burn stubborn residue. Once they are well charred, turn off your plancha (be careful not to burn yourself) and draw the wooden spatula. Make sure, of course, that the surface is cool, then scrape the debris with your utensil.

Alternative cleaning methods

Of course, other means exist to clean your plancha, such as the famous magic sponge of Mr Clean (available in supermarkets for less than 10 euros) or even the clay stone.