Hand washing: 5 practical tips for choosing your laundry and washing your laundry

Hand washing: 5 practical tips for choosing your laundry and washing your laundry

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Absence or breakdown of washing machine, vacation, travel ... Although the task is tedious, we are sometimes forced to wash our laundry by hand. If most of the machines include programs suitable for particularly stained laundry, wool and delicate textiles, it is preferable in some cases to wash your laundry yourself so as not to damage it. Follow our tips and tricks to wash your clothes safely!

Tip # 1: sort clothes

As with machine washing, it is essential to sort the clothes beforehand. These can indeed discolor one on top of the other! So separate the white, the bright colors and the dark shades (navy blue, black ...), as well as the delicate linen (lingerie, tights ...).

Tip N ° 2: choose the right laundry

Choose a cleaning product suitable for the type of laundry you want to wash: the enzymes contained in certain detergents can, for example, damage delicate textiles. The easiest way is to read the instructions on the back of each product. You will find the detergent in liquid, gel or glitter form. However, you can absolutely opt for old-fashioned soap such as Marseille soap, known for its efficiency and respect for the linen.

Tip 3: Recognize the symbols

Acronyms containing the washing instructions are written on the labels on all clothing. Use these recommendations when you put your laundry to soak! In case of doubt, wash the linen by hand with cold water and a special detergent for delicate linen so as not to risk damaging the fiber of the fabric or pilling your pretty wool sweater ...

Tip N ° 4: know the washing techniques

Check each item of clothing to clean stubborn stains beforehand using a stain remover suitable for your fabric. Pour two spoons of washing powder or a little gel into a large bowl, then add cold or lukewarm water depending on the type of laundry. Do not overdose the laundry, otherwise your clothes will be damaged or your bathroom or laundry room will be transformed into a "foam party"! Mix the detergent well with water: this step will facilitate washing as well as rinsing, while avoiding unsightly white deposits on the laundry. Then immerse your clothes in water to soak them, without rubbing so as not to weaken the fiber. Stir them gently so that each part of the garment is soaked in soapy water.

Tip N ° 5: do not neglect the rinsing

When your clothes have soaked for ten minutes, rinse them with clean water to remove all traces of detergent and thus preserve the fabric. Remember to wring your clothes thoroughly before drying them flat. Little tip for wool : after spinning, you can gently absorb the excess water using a terry towel!