How to best design your stair railing?

How to best design your stair railing?

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The stair railing: safety equipment above all

The stair railing plays the same role as a railing: it must prevent anyone from passing through. Also, you will have to opt for a height of at least 90 centimeters between the step and the handrail, that is to say the upper part of the staircase.

On the other hand, this element intervenes for guide people with reduced mobility and children and facilitate the daily use of the staircase. It should also be noted that the installation of a ramp is mandatory, when the staircase is more than one meter high. Here are our tips for designing it.

How to design a secure stair railing?

The stair rail is available in many models: with bars, stretched cables, scrolls or smooth, it is possible to opt for a modern, contemporary or more classic look.

However, no matter which ramp you choose, this element of your staircase must be designed with the greatest care.

  • Prevent a child from passing through the stair railing : if you have a staircase with stringer (the support of steps which generally covers the nose thereof), then the space between the panel of the ramp and the stringer should not exceed 18 centimeters. However, if your staircase is not equipped with this support, you must ensure that the space between the step and the ramp does not exceed 5 centimeters. Always in order to avoid a fall, it will be necessary to ensure that the distance between two panels, cables or bars of your ramp is approximately 18 centimeters.
  • Choose the best fasteners : in order to benefit from a reliable, solid and secure ramp, it is strongly recommended to opt for a lateral fixing. However, the space where the bottom of the staircase is housed in the floor (also called hopper) does not always allow this type of fixing. Also, it will be necessary to install the ramp horizontally. On the other hand, the choice of fixings also depends on the material of your staircase, the type of banister you have chosen, but also on the space at your disposal. In all cases, it is highly recommended to call in a professional, an expert who understands these safety rules.
  • Install a handrail : this will be installed on the upper part of the stair railing and allows easy and secure access to it. However, the handrail is not always supplied with this element. Also, it would be good to install it, especially if you have children or host an elderly person, or with reduced mobility. Generally, this handrail is installed 90 centimeters high. However, it is possible to invest in a second ramp for children, which you will place 60 centimeters high.

Indoor and outdoor stair railing: same safety rule?

The safety rules for installing a stair railing are the same, indoors and outdoors.

However, in this case it will be necessary to turn to a fastening system adapted to weather conditions. This will allow you to strengthen the resistance of the ramp, but also to avoid frequent renovations.

So far we have been interested in the safety aspect of your stair railing. We will look a little more in detail on the aesthetics of it.

The aesthetics of your stair railing

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If the stair railing has a safety role and helps to prevent falls, it also constitutes the covering of your staircase. It's about a decorative element in its own right. Thanks to the diversity of materials used in its design, it is possible to choose a ramp that is perfectly suited to your interior decoration.

  • Wood : A wooden stair rail can take many forms. Also, it is equally suitable for a modern or traditional interior. This material is mainly found in Scandinavian style decorations. It has the advantage of having a very long life, even if it is essential to protect it with a layer of varnish or stain, if however it is used outside. You will find stair railings in various species, in order to select a model that matches your interior.
  • stainless steel : Stainless steel is an anti-corrosion and anti-rust steel alloy. Also, it is a material that can be installed both indoors and outdoors. On the other hand, it is particularly aesthetic, thanks to its impression of lightness. A stainless steel stair railing also brings brightness to a room, thanks to its shiny surface that does not retain dust. It is therefore very simple to maintain. If the preservation of the environment is a cause that affects you, you will also appreciate stainless steel for its renewable and recyclable properties. This is a solid, beautiful and practical material, which will inevitably seduce you.
  • Glass : although it brings lightness and charm to your staircase, the glass is very messy. If you have children, this is not the recommended solution. In addition, it will be necessary to plan a much larger budget to be able to offer it, the glass plates being particularly expensive.

What budget for your stair railing?

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The stair railing is mandatory to secure your interior. However, it is necessary to take stock of your budget. If you are looking for an inexpensive ramp that meets all the safety criteria that we have just seen, in this case, turn to a first-rate wooden model. It will be necessary to consider an expenditure of 200 euros.

However, if you are looking for a design and aesthetic element, prices tend to soar. Indeed, the ramps made of several materials, metal or glass are displayed at more than 1200 euros. On the other hand, the price of your stair railing also depends on its shape. For example, if your staircase is curved, the budget will be more important than for a straight staircase.