The essentials of the closet: 10 ingredients to have in case of an improvised meal

The essentials of the closet: 10 ingredients to have in case of an improvised meal

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Friday evening, you have just finished your hard week and learn that step mom is coming to dinner in an hour! Panic ! If your fridge looks like that of a hardened bachelor (in other words, it is empty), discover the 10 essential ingredients to have in case of an improvised meal. No need to clutter your cupboards with unnecessary cans, this "top ten" will allow you to cook good meals in no time. Phew, we're breathing!

Ingredient # 1: eggs

A box of 6 fresh eggs can simply save an improvised dinner! As a main dish (omelette, scrambled, poached, boiled eggs) or to make desserts, quiches, mixed salads or mayonnaise, eggs must appear in your fridge.

Ingredient # 2: flour

Likewise, flour will be more than useful for preparing a dessert (pastry and pancakes) but also sauces (such as béchamel).

Ingredient # 3: butter

Who says eggs and flour says butter! Yes, impossible to prepare a cake, a gratin in the oven or simply a meat without butter. Semi-salt, salted, sweet, fine, extra-fine, light… it's up to you to choose your favorite butter!

Ingredient # 4: rice

Rice is suitable for both hot and cold dishes. As a starter or as an accompaniment, it generally satisfies everyone, the challenge being to properly control its cooking! Also make sure to differentiate between long and round rice (rich in starch): the first goes well with meat and fish while the second is used to prepare sweet dishes (rice pudding, rice cake).

Ingredient # 5: pasta

The same principle as rice, pasta generally pleases everyone and offers a wide range of varieties (spaghetti, ravioli, tortellini, tagliatelle, farfalle, macaroni, etc.), ideal in summer and winter, in salads or with melted cheese.

Ingredient N ° 6: ham

As a starter, for quiches, pizzas and pasta, ham is your ally and always has a little effect with melon for the summer aperitif!

Ingredient N ° 7: olive oil

Essential for cooking and flavoring, olive oil will accompany all your summer salads, so why deprive yourself of it?

Ingredient # 8: liquid crème fraîche

Liquid cream is as useful for salty as it is sweet sauces. We love it for the whipped cream to put on strawberries, a last minute dessert as good and delicious as a real cake! Note that the crème fraîche liquid can be kept for 2 to 3 weeks in the refrigerator, so don't forget to change it regularly!

Ingredient # 9: tomatoes

Very popular on summer evenings, the tomatoes will delight your guests in a mixed salad, or accompanied by mozzarella. Be aware that a tomato paste and coulis can also help you to accompany pasta with sauce but also home-made stuffings and quiches.

Ingredient # 10: sugar

The dinner is coming to an end, your guests have enjoyed themselves, everyone has a coffee or an herbal tea and asks for a sugar cube ... Remember to have some at home, because it is very important for the preparation of desserts or simply to accompany your hot drinks.