Make ice cream without an ice cream maker: it's possible!

Make ice cream without an ice cream maker: it's possible!

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The temperature hits the ceiling and you would give everything to enjoy a good ice cream. Except that without an ice cream maker it looks complicated ... or not! Here are our tips and methods for making delicious ice cream without an ice cream maker.

The granita option

To concoct refreshing granita, nothing more simple, just place the fruits you have chosen in the blender, added with cane sugar syrup. Mix, then once the mixture is homogeneous and well fluid, place it in the freezer in a suitable container while it cools. Take it out of the freezer before it hardens completely to iron it in the blender and finally enjoy!

Make milkshakes (without ice)

These tasty milk drinks with fruit and other flavors offer an infinite variety of possibilities (with spread, sugar, whipped cream, syrup ...). To prepare a good fruit milkshake, opt for juicy fruits with soft flesh. Note that unlike granita, you cannot prepare the milkshake in advance. It should be drunk well, straight out of the blender. The basic recipe for a milkshake includes: fruit, milk (or yogurt) and ice cubes.

Prepare water ice creams

All you need is a plastic sorbet pan or an ice cube tray at home. Again, few ingredients are needed: water, sugar (or syrup) and fruit. Mix everything or turn it into porridge with a pestle. Pour the mixture into the pan or mold, then head to the freezer for 3 hours. If you don't have a mold, unearth a plastic (or glass) cup and stick a wooden stick in the mixture as it begins to cool.

Concoct an iced mousse

Yum, a good iced chocolate mousse! You had to think about it. Instead of putting it in the fridge after preparation, head for the freezer. Distributed in small ramekins, the chocolate mousse will solidify. Take out around 30 minutes before tasting.

Make a vegan ice cream

No need for an ice cream maker to make ice cream without eggs, milk or cream. To do this, all you need is a handful of frozen fruit (red fruit, bananas) and a little cocoa powder, or even chocolate chips. Mix the fruit until completely homogeneous like an Italian ice cream. Then add the cocoa powder and a few almond, hazelnut or chocolate sprinkles on top. And There you go !