A vinyl spirit clock

A vinyl spirit clock

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The fans of the recovered spirit already adore it: the vinyl record transformed into a clock. In Lockengelöt , a workshop in the district of St Pauli in Hamburg, these old records are given a second life by turning them into decorative objects.

Behind Lockengelöt , there are two young creators specializing in the recovery of objects. To create their very stylish wall clock, they unearth vinyl records at flea markets; the figures are then molded directly on the disc. The clock then works with a 1.5 volt battery ... rechargeable of course! It hangs easily and can be held with a simple screw or thumbtack fixed to the wall. You can buy this item online on the website of Lockengelöt , or on neomansland.fr, online store of ethical, ecological and ecodesign products (35 euros). Vinyl can also be recycled in the trash, CD storage, handbag or toilet paper dispenser at Lockengelöt ! You will also find vinyl notebooks at Art Deco .


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