Is aluminum the perfect material for your custom joinery?

Is aluminum the perfect material for your custom joinery?

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Aluminum is also used for production of vehicles only in your kitchen in the form of packaging film or thin sheets which are used for the design of cans for example.

Particularly well suited for the food sector due to its chemical stability, it is also pampered in the construction field since it allows for sustainable, eco-responsible and personalized works due to its high ductility. Rather unknown to the general public, we will present some aluminum joinery achievements and list its advantages over other materials.

What types of joinery are affected by aluminum?

Aluminum is considered the material of the future. Very sought after in recent years, it has a great craze among architects who can express their creativity without too many constraints. Thus, we see the appearance of large glazed aluminum facades. But the challenge for the future is the raising of existing structures to cope with the housing crisis. To this, aluminum by its lightness, its ability to withstand climatic hazards, will play a considerable role in the years to come.

But beyond these gigantic constructions, aluminum is used in the construction of private homes.

The Windows aluminum are also the most popular carpentry by individuals. It is estimated today that in France, one window in 4 is made of aluminum and the trend is increasing sharply each year. Then follow the verandas, entry doors and sliding doors.

The interest of this material lies in its ability to make tailor-made, to adapt to large living spaces. Several players work in this sector, notably Sapa Building Sytem, ​​which is one of the leading suppliers for aluminum professionals (architects, carpentry manufacturers and installers) by offering them varied product ranges, personalized advice and machine tools.

For a manufacturer of custom-made aluminum joinery, we can cite the ranges that are offered to professionals: this ranges from windows and french doors aluminum associated with interior or exterior shutters, passing through sliding patio door in double glazing with thermal break technologies for more sound and thermal insulation, up to comfort solutions for verandas and pergolas aluminum or mixed wood-aluminum material.

5 unknown qualities that make aluminum an incredible material

It is true that when we have a project to build a new house, the choice of structural materials is not fixed. Bricks, aerated concrete, wood, metal are all solutions to adopt for your construction. We will study one of them: aluminum. This is clearly increasing among building professionals and individuals, we will understand the reasons.

Light and reassuring, it faces climatic hazards

With a density of 2.7 g / cm3, aluminum is theone of the lightest metals currently found on the construction market. Compared to other metals such as steel, copper, zinc or lead, its density is reduced by at least a third. However, it is a solid material able to withstand the most extreme conditions. Indeed, rain and air have no effect on him. It is very fire resistant and adapts perfectly to low temperatures. This watertightness and stability is particularly verified during the installation of aluminum verandas and bioclimatic pergola.

Aluminum: a material that does not fear corrosion

Rust on iron and steel is undoubtedly the best known type of corrosion. This phenomenon is the consequence of the chemical reaction of an oxidant on a material. The alteration of the latter causes corrosion which takes several forms depending on the metal.

Aluminum, in contact with oxygen present in the air, acquires a protective oxide layer which resists corrosion perfectly. As proof, architectures over a century old are still intact today. However, this does not exclude its maintenance and the application of surface treatments such as lacquering, painting or anodizing to guarantee it an exceptional state of preservation and longevity in addition to its natural properties.

Various colors and finishes possible

Various colors by the process of anodizing and powder coating are offered. Whatever tones you want to give to your aluminum joinery, bright colors, pastel colors, almost all colors are possible with finishes as varied as each other (matt, shiny, textured, satin, etc.). Thus, this material can perfectly adapt to its interior and exterior environment and allows an incredible degree of personalization.

This custom manufacturing capacity is in great demand by aluminum professionals (design office, carpenter, custom carpentry workshop).

Recyclable and economical: an environmentally friendly material

The great strength of aluminum is its recyclability. Indeed, aluminum is 100% recyclable, without altering its qualities. Thus, recycling aluminum saves natural resources and achieves energy savings. You should know that the production of secondary aluminum requires up to 95% less energy compared to its primary production and reduces CO2 emissions at the same time. This is why this material is ecological, almost endlessly recyclable. It is considered that 75% of the aluminum in circulation today dates from the last century.

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Incredible reflectivity: up to 20% more light

Aluminum is often preferred for sliding windows and windows. Its rigid and thin profiles allow better penetration of light into your home. It takes approximately 15 to 20% gain in brightness compared to more traditional materials.

Easy to machine, work and assemble

As we said in the introduction, its strength lies in its ability to integrate into various aspects of the modern economy. This is explained by its ductility and its malleability extreme.

It is therefore possible to make him adopt different shapes, which allows you to customize your projects as much as possible. In addition, its lightness makes it easier to handle, especially on large-scale projects. Finally, concerning the renovation sector, when it comes to replacing a part or an opening, aluminum is favored for its capacity to produce made-to-measure.