Irish style invites itself into the home

Irish style invites itself into the home

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For St. Patrick's Day, March 17, we put the house in the colors of Ireland in tribute to the national holiday of this European country. On the program: a color code, essential accessories and a drink in the spotlight. Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. Its symbol is the three-leaf clover because it was used to illustrate the Holy Trinity. But this celebration goes well beyond the borders of Ireland! In New York we find the largest St. Patrick's Day parade on Fifth Avenue and in France, all the pubs put on the colors of Ireland. Tradition has it that on this day, men put a leaf of clover on their buttonholes. So to celebrate this day as it should be, the Irish style invites itself into the house. For this, we are inspired by the decoration of Irish pubs. In the living room, we put on the emblematic club armchairs, both very decorative and comfortable with their aged leather. On the walls, you can hang beer advertisements that you find in pubs. And of course it will be the beer that will be in the spotlight for this day. Arm yourself with a beer pump and tasting glasses stamped with your favorite brand and toast with friends. Finally, don't forget a touch of green with a few plaids and cushions. Orange, the other color of the flag, is also welcome. The plus: the Cocobohème clover on which you will wish everyone a good Saint-Patrick. Discover our selection of Irish decor:


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