IMini Pets for iPod coming soon

IMini Pets for iPod coming soon

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During the big annual meeting of Apple Expo 2008, the iMini Pets stood out on the stand of the Japanese manufacturer Ozaki. The iMini Pets, these adorable plush toys of around 25 cm waddle to the rhythm of the sound of your Ipod. They move the head (except the panda), the mouth and the arms, which will not fail to amuse children, small or older. Discover soon "Taotao", the panda jazzman, "Max" the friendly rocker lion, "Charles" the rapper frog, "Buddy" the dog and "Molly" the bear. Imini Pet not only amuse the gallery, since they also make stereo alarm clocks, while reading and recharging your Ipod. Compatible with all generations of Ipods, these plush toys will be sold at the end of the year at a discounted price of € 99 (dock and plush included). A slightly crazy and very cute Christmas gift in perspective! More info on


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