Ecological products for home maintenance

Ecological products for home maintenance

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Household cleaning products are known today for the greater or lesser toxicity of their ingredients. And more and more brands are trying to reduce the content of harmful products. Small point on the current offer of ecological household cleaning products.

Products labeled "ecological"

What you will most often find in supermarkets are cleaning products with ecological labels. These labels impose specifications on manufacturers significantly reducing harmful products and favoring biodegradable packaging.

Green marks

Some brands only offer ecological products. And in addition to using natural and biodegradable ingredients, other criteria are imposed: no tests on animals, refillable products using less packaging. We think of Ecover or the Green Tree for example.

Grandmothers products

For those who are ready to be 100% green, the products used by our grandmothers are the solution! Marseille soap, vinegar or baking soda are essential basics for the whole house. Some brands have specialized in this niche, such as Jacques Briochin for example, which offers simple and natural products.