The precautions to take with household appliances when you move

The precautions to take with household appliances when you move

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That's it, the move is fast approaching. And his difficulties too! Washing machine, dryer, American fridge, dishwasher ... so many bulky and fragile objects to be tamed with delicacy and know-how. What are the precautions to take to move the household appliances without any problem? Here are the rules to follow so that everything goes well.

The essential equipment for moving household appliances

To protect your machines as well as possible, take a roll of large, strong scotch tape as well as large areas of cardboard (ask your hypermarket) which you can attach to the various walls if necessary. Finally, a large roll of bubble wrap is never superfluous to protect the glasses of your devices.

Moving your fridge

J-7 : organize yourself to finish the foodstuffs and thus avoid the mess at the last moment. J-3 : unplug the fridge to defrost and clean it (the fridge must be completely dry on day D). To facilitate transport, remove the shelves and keep the fridge doors closed with adhesive tape. In the truck, make sure to place the fridge in an upright position so that it does not get damaged. Once at the destination, wait at least 3 hours before connecting it.

Moving your dishwasher

Before moving it, remove the filters from the dishwasher and drain the water by placing the drain hose close to the floor. When traveling, make sure the door is securely closed (tape is your best friend). Once at your home, reconnect the dishwasher directly.

Moving your washing machine

The day before : unplug the appliance and drain (remove the water supply and the drain hose). Once in the truck, place the washing machine vertically (be careful not to injure yourself, the appliance is very heavy!) And keep the drum very stable thanks to the straps. Tape the hoses together. Once in the accommodation, you can connect the machine without waiting.

Moving your oven and microwave

As with the fridge, the glass tray and grates must be removed for maximum safety. The glass of the oven being fragile, do not hesitate to tape a thick cardboard against the wall.


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