The night of the stars in the children's room

The night of the stars in the children's room

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If our little ones have their heads in the stars, why not decorate a universe in their image? In small touches or in total look, in neutral and soft or colored tones, in print or in unique pattern, the star theme is easy to adopt.

Sleep under the stars

A print: yes, however, fed up with pirate rooms for boys and princess decor for girls. A change is imperative! But it is not easy to find a design that is suitable for very young and old, little boys as well as young ladies and makes us dream day and night ... It is however the wonderful asset of the stars. Inspired by the telescope so dear to our children, this decorative theme is to be declined in all forms.

Star trend

To be 100% in the theme, the starry sky wallpaper will decorate a section of your cherub's wall. A pretty Maison du monde printed carpet will soften his steps, garlanded curtains will dim the light. The stars shine with different lights: from the bedside lamp, ideal for telling the story of the evening, to the bright stars to create an atmosphere for teens. We replace the night light with a fluorescent sky to calm the sleep of the little ones. They will fall asleep in a midnight blue Cyrillus bedding set after having stored their treasures in printed wooden crates. Let yourself be carried to the stars with our decorative selection:

1. Vintage Broadway finished metal table lamp € 129 Made / 2. Phosphorescent stickers starry sky € 27.90 Room Mates on La Redoute / 3. Gray box with star print € 41.95 Ebay / 4. Carpet printed in blue cotton 69 , 99 € Maisons du Monde / 5. Curtain with star garlands € 27.95 Verbaudet / 6. Printed bed linen from € 14.90 Cyrillus / 7. Wooden bedside lamp € 89.90 L34 at La Redoute / 8. Carson telescope € 59.90 Amazon / 9. Star cushion € 26 Etsy / 10. Paper roll with starry sky motif € 4.45 Le Géant des Beaux Arts