Ready-to-install stairs for ease

Ready-to-install stairs for ease

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Ready to install stairs are very popular. In a house or duplex, it is a cheaper alternative to the custom staircase. It also offers a wide choice of layouts, materials, styles, new or in renovation. Overview of the current supply of ready-to-install stairs.

Straight, rotating or circular

As with custom staircases, the ready-to-install staircase adapts to most layouts. The straightest models, composed of one or two stringers or racks, on which the steps rest, are the simplest. They also require the most space. For smaller spaces, consider rotating models that easily fit the corner of a room. Even more economical in terms of space, you can also find helical or spiral staircases.

Made of wood, metal or glass

It is the wood that is most often used for ready-to-install stairs. The prices will be more affordable if you choose fir. The more robust solid wood models will be more expensive. Ditto for exotic wood. In all cases, be careful not to abuse the shoe polish to avoid going down the steps on your buttocks! Much more design, metal is also used for ready-to-install stairs. A small flat: the noise. You will also find glass models for a contemporary style. However, this material is relatively expensive.

The installation

Some models are sold fully assembled. Others come in kit form. Once at home, it's your turn to play! Very often, a detailed notice is attached to the staircase. It is better to be at least two to start the installation. And in case of problems, you can always call the seller to advise you. Be aware in any case that a ready-made staircase will cost you between 300 and 1000 euros on average, while a custom-made staircase will double the price… enough to encourage you to install your staircase!

Where to find them?

At Castorama, there are all styles of stairs, including a straight fir tree model fitted with a ramp from 335 euros, another with glass steps, at around 2,500 euros, or a steel spiral staircase, around 1000 euros. The Lapeyre brand also offers a wide choice of ready-to-install products. Ditto at Leroy Merlin. On the website, you can also compose your staircase using an online configurator, choosing the shape and options of your model.