Green pillows for healthy sleep

Green pillows for healthy sleep

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Bedding has been the focus of ecological attention for several years now! And if the mattresses are redesigned, so are the pillows. Small overview of the news of organic pillows.

Organic garnish

For an organic pillow, think of the ecological filling! Native to Asia, these pillows are now appearing in Europe. Several types of garnish exist such as rose petals, spelled bales, natural hops flowers from Flanders, millet bales or even buckwheat bales. These pillows guarantee a good cushioning as well as a good ventilation of the pillow.

Natural garnish

It is also possible to turn to more "western but natural" garnishes. We think of natural rubber which is healthy and well suited for a pillow. Pillows made from pure new wool are also a good option.

An organic or ecological pillowcase

Finally of course think of the pillowcase. If you prefer cotton, choose organic cotton which is less polluting in its production than conventional cotton. Also think of linen which is an ideal material for bedding because thermoregulatory and antibacterial, as well as hemp. And here is a selection of 12 organic or ecological pillows: