I want a round carpet

I want a round carpet

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Which round carpet to choose?

First good news: know that there are almost as many round carpets as decorative wishes! Whatever the style of your interior, it is therefore unlikely that you will not be able to find the round carpet of your dreams.

However, some trends are emerging. If you want a rather classic and warm atmosphere, do not hesitate, and opt for a plain model with short hair or in version shagghy very soft: elegance and comfort guaranteed.
If you want to dress your interior without compromising a certain natural style and apparent simplicity, the round carpets in neutral colors will be your allies. In this case, you can opt for materials such as jute, braided cord or even felt which will bring a certain authenticity and a rustic touch which will be welcome.

Finally, for a more dynamic and contemporary interior: place for the patterns which will bring a graphic side and give pep's to a slightly wise decor. In Scandinavian style decor for example, the round rug with geometric patterns will just be perfect.

Integrate a round rug into your decor

Well, even if it may seem obvious, the first rule to follow to properly integrate a round carpet in your decor is to choose the size of the carpet depending on your interior! Indeed, it is important to bet on a certain proportionality to avoid that it looks too small in a spacious room or on the contrary too visually bulky in a room of more modest size. For example, if the carpet is installed under a piece of furniture, make sure that it protrudes sufficiently on both sides.

In addition, do not hesitate to let your creativity speak. The round carpets often being smaller and therefore less expensive, you can easily play the accumulation card. A graphic composition at the foot of a sofa, a carpet path in a corridor or a superposition of two models of different sizes: it's your turn!

Some good decoration tips with a round carpet

It may be small and slip everywhere, the round carpet can sometimes cause some problems when placed in a room. Indeed, it is not always easy to associate its round shape with a square or rectangular piece! The right option for him to simply find his place? Arrange the round carpet in a corner of the room, and place on it a nice armchair, a small pedestal table, a side table or a designer lamp and thus create a small cozy space.

What also works very well with the round carpet is to slide it under a piece of furniture ... but partially, and not entirely, to bring a little contrast. For example, do not hesitate to install your round carpet under one foot of the armchair in your living room, or to let it protrude only half of your bed.
On the other hand, the little mistake to avoid with the round carpet: place it in a small elongated room. Indeed, the opposition of the shapes could create a shrinking effect and visually reduce the room. But apart from that, whether in a bedroom, a living room, an entry, an office or a living room, the round carpet will have everything!