12 screens for more privacy

12 screens for more privacy

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1. Tessa Pier Import 4-part screen, 330 euros 2. Mendler gray wooden screen on Amazon, 138 euros 3. Arabesque Miliboo wooden screen, 109 euros 4. Screen with colored door patterns Thane Alinéa, 89.99 euros 5. Screen in distressed gray metal industrial style Wadiga, 240 euros 6. Savane wooden screen, Mastery, 269 euros 7. Multicolored metal screen Sherazade Maisons du Monde 179.90 euros 8. Natural wood openwork screen Miliboo, 89 euros 9. Wooden screen gray and white Haku Möbel, 128 euros 10. Screen 3 panels in poplar wood Bettina Delamaison, 55 euros 11. Screen in painted wood Modern Art Maisons du Monde 169.90 euros 12. Screen structure in solid pine and canvas Conforma, 49, 99 euros

A screen for regained intimacy

More than an accessory, the screen is sometimes essential in certain spaces. Indeed, there is nothing better to be isolated and calm; moreover, thanks to it, you will avoid the construction work of a new partition. With a screen, you can divide a room in half without any difficulty. And the fact that it's completely mobile and adjustable allows you to change its location as often as you want. Gone are the old planks recovered from the garage or the curtain bought "temporarily" which served as a screen by default. This mobile partition is THE solution you need. And good news, it is within reach of all budgets!

A useful and decorative screen

In wood, in metal, letting the light pass (or not), openwork or full, with mirror, colored, sober, vintage or even modern, the screens are so trendy that you will quickly find the one that will make you crack. Note that beyond the undeniable practical side, these are now real decorative assets. The screen is ideal for delimiting spaces in a room shared by two children, while bringing a certain cachet to the room. Again, you just have to see the wide choice of models to make you want to buy a screen! What if we take the plunge? Whether in wood, bamboo or Japanese style, find the screen that suits you on our price comparison service!