A thermoregulated mattress for your comfort

A thermoregulated mattress for your comfort

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After the air-conditioned mattress topper, here is a new innovation for restful and comfortable nights: the thermoregulated mattress thanks to the SmartFoam foam. Dunlopillo, inventor of the first latex mattress in 1932, returns to innovation by offering its latest iD 2010 mattress with an intelligent SmartFoam foam which allows the ideal thermoregulation of the body. No need to worry about temperature changes, the foam is refreshing when it is hot and warm when it is cold.

How it works ?

If conventional memory foam has many advantages for the sleeper, they also have the characteristic of storing the heat emitted by the latter. The stored heat is thus distributed throughout the night, even in summer or in a heated room. SmartFoam has micro-capsules that create an ideal climate between the mattress and the sleeper. And no need to turn the mattress according to the seasons! From 599 euros> More info on > And you, have you ever tried the thermoregulated mattress? If yes, what do you think?


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