Green outdoor games

Green outdoor games

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Green and vintage, children's outdoor games are changing course to be part of a sustainable and local consumption approach. How to choose the new games for your children? What are the latest trends to allow them to have fun while enjoying a fair and natural environment? Answers ...

Made in France is in fashion

No more toys made in China, French toys are taking on colors and reallocating their rightful place in the hands of your toddlers. From the wooden boat made in Brittany to the Jura board games, the options are numerous. In addition, many well-known brands like Monoprix or La Grande Récré are riding the trend and easily allow you to acquire these eco-friendly toys. Otherwise, in just a few clicks, you can order them online. We love the small Breton Tirot boats, made of beech wood growing in local forests!

Wood yes but ...

With their vintage look that will remind older children of their own childhood, wooden outdoor games have become a great classic for children's toys. Skittles, swings or huts, we opt for builders who use local wood from sustainable production as the Burger company has done since 1847, for example. Think also of traditional games like jokari which are back in fashion and which still please as much! We then choose a wooden model created by Jura Artisans.

Cardboard outdoor games

Another 100% eco-friendly material: cardboard. Forget the wood for a moment and bet on a ... cardboard cabin! Very cheap, recycled cardboard models like those created by Kidsonroof are available from 40 euros. Better your child can decorate, paint and customize his cabin himself with simple markers.