Safe weeding for me and my garden

Safe weeding for me and my garden

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More vigorous than cultivated plants, weeds require regular maintenance of your garden. But to weed, it is important to respect rules of good practice.

Protect yourself

Protect your skin by wearing waterproof gloves and rubber boots. Wear long sleeves and avoid shorts. Avoid walking in the area just treated. Keep children and pets away until the product has dried on the leaves.

Use the right product in the right place

If the area to be weeded is large, preferably use a concentrated product to dilute. If the weeds are scattered, a ready-to-use sprayer will be most practical. Never treat the areas located near a water point, opening into rivers (gutter, manhole, water drain grid). Hand weed or mulch.

Weed at the right time

The ideal is to weed on a day without rain and wind, at moderate temperature. The wind can spray product on you and on neighboring plants. Rain reduces the effectiveness of the product and can cause it to trickle towards water points. When it is cold, the sap does not circulate enough in the plants. In very hot weather, the product evaporates before entering the plants.

Choose the right material

Never treat with a watering can. Invest in a sprayer that will only be used for weeding. Also buy a herbicide cover to protect neighboring plants, or trees if you weed at the foot of a tree, for example.

Do not overdose

Use the product dosing cap. The dose recommended on the label must be observed. There is no need to add more. Prepare only the amount of mixture required. Prepare this mixture away from a water point.

After weeding

After application, rinse the sprayer, gloves and boots three times. Empty the rinse water on the areas already treated or on wasteland or brush. Never empty the container hopper or rinse water near a water point or in the sanitary facilities. If any product remains, store it in the original packaging in a closed, frost-free place. Keep the products out of the reach of children and animals. If you want to get rid of an unfinished container, take it to the recycling center. To know more : > And you, what are your methods for weeding? Let us know your tips for removing weeds!


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