Design and decorate a balcony

Design and decorate a balcony

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Failing to have a garden, you have a balcony. It is an opportunity to arrange and decorate it if it is not already done. Precious space, the balcony is a room to live in comfort and relaxation.

The floor of my balcony

We rarely think about it, but the floor of a balcony is very important. Laying a floor covering will immediately make this outdoor space very user-friendly. Depending on your tastes, you can invest in maritime pine or exotic wood gratings. Another type of covering possible is a gravel or stone bed, giving a very natural dimension, in harmony with the outside atmosphere. But what comes back to the forefront of the coatings scene is the very well-made false lawns.

The furniture on my balcony

Balcony point without comfort and thus without furniture. Tables, chairs, sun loungers, swings, armchairs, the choice is yours. In terms of materials, the best remains exotic wood because of its resistance in all seasons. But you can also bet on wrought iron, metal or glass. Again, it's all about taste. Each material brings a particular cachet.

The decoration of my balcony

The balcony deserves its share of colorful, design and decorative objects and accessories. The lighting will be intimate with candle jars, solar lights or kerosene lamps. Side accessories in phase with the fauna, think of shelters for the birds or the butterflies. And of course planters, terracotta or stoneware pots, or even all the accessories useful for gardening. Yes, we also have a green thumb from a balcony! Photos of balconies for inspiration or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"