Decorative ideas for a green wedding

Decorative ideas for a green wedding

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A wedding dress in natural fabric, an organic caterer, invitations in recycled paper, a honeymoon under the sign of ecotourism ... If you dream of a "green" wedding, we have selected for you some ideas Deco.

Reception in a natural place

In a park, a meadow, a vineyard, a field, a gîte or an ecological farm ... choose a place in a natural setting. Also remember to get married in a place close to the majority of your guests, to minimize your trips.

Organic flowers

Ideally, grow your flowers yourself! Otherwise, pick them in meadows or buy them fresh and organic, from a local supplier if possible. On the site, you will find good green addresses. In particular Ethiflora, which imports and markets only roses from fair trade.

Recycled and recovered objects

For decoration, think "recycled" and "recuperate"! Stéphanie Rouchy, wedding expert at Besoin d'Elles, advises for example to use "zinc buckets that will serve as centerpieces, and that later you can recycle at home in very trendy flower pots". You will find in particular on the site Nadia Jardin, wedding planner at Green Wedding, advises rather than buying, diverting everyday objects: stones to mark places, small pots transformed into candle jars, bouquets of wild herbs, natural branches… Nadia us gives other tips: "Also think of beeswax candles or biodegradable lanterns and for an intimate wedding, you can use silverware and family tableware".

Advice from a green wedding pro

For the organization of the happiest day of your life, so that everything is perfect, you can also call on an ecological wedding planner. This one will find local providers certified organic or ethical, and will manage the organization of your wedding, from the decoration to your dress. Our good addresses:, and Mariage Unique in Lyon Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"