How to adapt a bathroom for children?

How to adapt a bathroom for children?

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We are not all lucky enough to have a bathroom dedicated to children or a large, functional bathroom with a double sink ... No, some have a small bathroom that is completely non-ergonomic and with which you have to compose. With one, it is not already easy but with family, with 3, 4, 5 or more, it's downright hell! However, solutions that are easy to implement exist, déco.fr gives you a few tips and tricks to arrange a bathroom so that the whole family can manage to share the bathroom, with joy, good humor and efficiency.

A child-friendly bathroom: storage tips to save space

Sharing a bathroom with children requires reserving suitable storage spaces for them. Some are fortunate to have a spacious and functional bathroom - lucky! -, they may have less difficulty storing children's belongings. Those with a small bathroom should be imaginative to optimize the storage solutions. Here are some tips: - Start by sorting out the things in your bathroom. And possibly free up a little space, a basket or a drawer for example, to be able to store children's bathroom linen. - Hang on the door or on the wall a multi-pocket wall storage, it is very practical to slip the children's toiletries there and easily catch them: brush, nail clippers, cotton, wipes, diapers, thermometer, cotton- rod… - Hang a rail with suction cups and perforated plastic baskets to store bath toys (which can be more or less numerous and bulky!) and dry them easily above the bathtub. Children can easily catch them and put them away themselves. - Hang the baby bath with a hook above the shower or the bathtub. - To change your baby, you can install a wall changing table. It is ideal in the bathroom because you can easily change your baby, before and after the bath, without it catching cold.

Suction rails so as not to pierce the walls!

A bathroom suitable for children: promoting their autonomy

To promote children's autonomy, install everything they need up to them. They can no longer have an excuse to say that they can't do it! Use small open and low furniture so that children can easily take and store their belongings. The ideal way to optimize storage and allow children to easily grab their belongings is to install a bathroom column or modular lockers - you can find them at Ikea for example. Everyone can easily find their belongings in a small dedicated space. You can stick a small sticker on the locker so that your child recognizes it. Your child has grown up, he becomes more and more independent, he can wash his hands, brush his teeth and wash himself. So offer him a step so that he can use the sink like a big one! Also remember to put him within reach, his toothbrush, his toothpaste and his cup, his products and his bathroom linen. Attach suction hooks if you cannot drill holes in the wall at the height of children. So they can easily hang their bathrobe and hand towel.

Colorful coat hooks and baskets installed at his height so that he can manage (almost) alone

Dirty laundry collects in your basket, spilling out from all sides? Do you want to promote the autonomy of your children by empowering them? Why not have several bins, multiple laundry baskets - one for white, one for colors, one for jeans and black? The storage and the chore of the detergents will be simplified. No more dirty laundry lying around!

A child-friendly bathroom: security

Obviously, we must not forget the safety of toddlers. As soon as the little ones start to crawl and then to walk, it is necessary to secure the bathroom by removing from their reach: - household products, - medicines, - hygiene and beauty products, - electrical appliances ( hair dryer, epilator ...) - scissors and razors You can store medicines in a medicine cabinet which can be locked. Remember to use a non-slip bath mat in the shower or in the tub. Also have a bath mat at the exit. Children will avoid bad falls!

It is essential to secure the bathroom for children