The madness of knitted objects

The madness of knitted objects

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This winter, many decorative objects have surfed the knitting trend by putting on a warm coat with large or fine knits. Result? All the rooms in the house are adorned with different knitting elements. Sofa, lamps, cushions ... Zoom on this unusual woolen covering in perfect harmony with the cocooning spirit that reigns in winter.

A living room where life is good

Vases, lampshades, baskets, trophies or poufs: the accessories are wrapped in knitted wool to hibernate without fear of the cold. The inspiration seems to come straight from the thick sweaters that our grandmothers once knitted, and the result is simply chewable! Indeed, placed here and there in the bedroom or in the living room, these objects soften and warm up the space considerably.

For example, in the living room, there are knitted seats in the form of a sofa, poufs, armchairs or even a stool top. We also accessorize the latter with handmade cushions or unusual chair covers.

Knitting all over the house

The knitting trend is also found in other rooms of the house. In the kitchen, we fall for light suspensions in mesh designed by Naomi Paul or knitted vases to install her flowers warm.

In a reading corner or a bedroom, you put on baskets dressed in wool to store your magazines. In a bathroom or toilet, you can make baskets yourself to put in beauty or cleaning products.

Finally, it's not just the interior that succumbs to this fashion. Garden furniture is also heating up with the Knit collection by Ethimo, which will give a warm atmosphere to your outdoor sofa and pep's to a small balcony.