Permanently remove mites

Permanently remove mites

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Despite their microscopic size, mites are the cause of important allergies from which more and more of us suffer. Difficult however to hunt this tiny species that has invaded space: mites are everywhere, including in the cleanest places. So even if it is impossible to permanently delete them, we arm ourselves with effective tips and advice to hunt them to the maximum. War on mites is declared!

What we avoid: mite nests

Fighting allergies first and foremost requires a suitable arrangement that eliminates mite nests as much as possible: carpet, carpet, plush, wool blankets, feather pillowcases or curtains. But that's not all ! We also avoid open furniture, such as shelves or bookcases, as well as bunk beds: the bottom sleeper breathes the dust from the higher bed.

What we choose: healthy materials and closed furniture

Saying goodbye to dust nests means that in return, we surround ourselves with healthy materials, smooth and easily washable with water. Floor coverings such as vinyl, linoleum, tiles or parquet and anti-dust mites paint for the walls will minimize the discomfort of allergy sufferers. On the linen side, we opt for synthetic that we don't hesitate to wash regularly at 60 ° (sheets…). Always in the spirit of fighting mites, we favor the installation of shutters rather than curtains, and above all, we favor a closed furniture and closed storage spaces for storing knick-knacks (wardrobe, boxes, etc.). The goal ? Keep the room as small as possible so that the air circulates and one breathes healthily.

The final touch: regular cleaning and washing

Good health for allergy sufferers and healthier hygiene come at a price: cleaning and washing. An effort is made to dust at least once a week the areas likely to collect dust. Be careful however! It is not a question of raising the dust in the ambient air! So how do we go about it? First: we forget the spray. Second: shake clothes and carpets outside only. Finally, we proceed to a water cleaning, ultra healthy with a mop and a damp cloth, before vacuuming and ventilating the house. Besides, the essential daily anti-mite advice is ventilate the rooms every day, about half an hour. It remains only to wash plush, quilts, cushions at 60 ° regularly to guarantee nights of sleep without allergies. Permanently eliminating mites: a bet won!