Before / After: fit out a bright bathroom under the eaves

Before / After: fit out a bright bathroom under the eaves

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Carine Davidas, interior decorator and decoration blogger ("Silence we decorate ..." and "Hanosa"), opens the doors to her freshly finished bathroom. For this mother of 3 children, the bathroom is a vital part of family life. Carine embarked, 2 years ago, in the complete renovation of a briard barn, little by little, she creates the spaces and arranges them according to her desires. For his bathroom, the space was totally to create, the only constraint, a roof window and a room devoid of any electrical supply and water. Carine was able to give free rein to her imagination in this beautiful room, while respecting a reasonable budget. Area : 13 m² Budget: 3 000€

Carine put her ideas on paper

A bathroom to create from scratch

Leaving a virgin space was an asset for Carine, because she was able to give free rein to her imagination and her desires. The roof window is both a constraint (it is the light point threshold of this large room of 13 m²) and an advantage: it leaves a large part of the walls available. Carine wanted to make the bathroom a living space, where we like to spend time and relax. To pay tribute to the history of her house, Carine wanted a modern decoration, with a touch of authenticity and character. Electricity, plumbing and insulation, everything had to be done in this bare space.

We love this huge walk-in shower!

Cement tiles to add style

In order to maintain the brightness in this large bathroom, Carine chose to put white tiles from floor to ceiling over a large part of the room. The choice of this white tile is also a "budget" choice. The savings made thanks to this choice, allowed the installation of a tile floor imitation cement tiles in the large walk-in shower. This bias brings the touch of character to the room: it's the decorative detail that makes all the difference. This majestic walk-in shower is the centerpiece of this bathroom. Carine thought of integrating niches there to accommodate the toiletries of the whole family.

These copper mirrors bring chic to this bathroom

Decorative accessories that do it all

While choosing bathroom furniture in light wood from Ikea, Carine knew how to give character to her double sink (inevitable with 3 children), by opting for copper-plated round mirrors, suspended by small chains, a distributor of chiseled glass soap, a pastel pink retro wall lamp and a small terracotta pot to house a green plant.

Small well-thought-out details: the niches in the shower and the base

A sanitary space dressed in black

The sanitary facilities are also in the bathroom. To materialize this space, Carine chose to create a black base, opting for a high-end paint (a small pot was enough), in order to bring the touch of modernity. Small decorative elements make it a warm place: basket in golden thread, jug, small ivy pot, as well as a superb frame in the colors of the islands placed on the ground.

We love this beautiful green plant at the entrance of the Italian shower

Green plants for a bathroom in the tropics

The presence of many green plants in every corner of this bathroom, gives a fresh and warm side to this large room. To bring a little tropics to this place, integrating plants was essential. It's the little mixed touch brought to this Scandinavian retro style.

If you want to discover the world of Carine and other decorative ideas, take a look at her Hanosa blog: Métis chatter.