How to plan the right amount for a family meal?

How to plan the right amount for a family meal?

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When we are preparing to receive guests, we always hesitate on the proportions to prepare. Fear of missing out or a tight budget, whatever your concern, it's not easy to dose the right amount and not end up with too much or too little food! Here are our tips to make it easier for you to calculate the amount of food to plan for a meal with friends, family or a buffet depending on the type of reception you organize.

An aperitif and a light starter

For the aperitif, the goal is not to stall your guests right away so that they still have a good appetite when they come to the table or open the buffet. Plan 6 or 7 appetizers per person (or double if it is a dinner aperitif) but no more at the risk of having too many leftovers on the dish and the dessert. Regarding starters or sandwiches, count 50 to 80 grams (to be slightly increased for a holiday meal) per person and between 2 and 4 mini club sandwiches per guest. Again, don't be too generous in anticipation of the main course. If you prepare a Christmas meal, you will need 40 grams of foie gras but also a little extra bread.

A generous main dish

In order not to be mistaken in the quantities of food necessary for the preparation of a dish or a hot or cold buffet, plan 150 to 200 grams of meat per person and 120 to 150 grams of fish per guest. Side accompaniment, bet on an average of 100 grams for starchy foods or vegetables. If it's a buffet, you will need to prepare about two large dishes for 25 guests.

Save room for dessert!

Obviously, don't forget the sweet touch at the end of the meal and the cheese platter for lovers. For the cheese, 40 to 50 grams per person will be enough, but ask beforehand if your guests like this food, not to mention the bread and a little salad. Regarding the dessert, plan 120 grams of birthday cake per head or 3 sweets, macaroons, choux pastry or cupcakes and half as much if you have children.

Don't run out of drinks

A champagne aperitif generally includes two glasses per person, knowing that a bottle of champagne fills 7 or 8 flutes. For non-alcoholic drinks, allow 8 to 15 liters for 25 guests if you want (or not) prepare cocktails. Regarding wine, count between a quarter and a half bottle of wine per person if you serve cheese, while a bottle of fruit juice or water will be enough for 4 guests during the meal. For dessert, a bottle of sweet wine can be served for 6 people.