3 atmospheres for your garden furniture

3 atmospheres for your garden furniture

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With the return of spring and the sun comes a desire to go out and enjoy sweet moments. And since style and decoration are not reserved for your interior, assume a garden furniture in your image! Here are 3 atmospheres to inspire you…


Because we don't always have the luxury of having a large terrace, the PAOLO garden furniture folds up with style to the constraint: compact and cozy, these 4 wicker armchairs line up under the table in the blink of an eye to take up minimal space. Combining comfort and design, with its beautiful cushions and its glass top, it is ideal for sharing convivial moments over a drink or a meal with friends.


To offer a warm atmosphere on your terrace, bet on raw and natural materials. The ideal: wood! If this is the effect you are looking for, the Cocoon Garden garden furniture is made for you with its solid acacia furniture, elegant and inspiring sweetness thanks to its Zen anthracite seats. Modular at leisure, in corner or fixed armchairs, it is ideal for a family looking for summer lounging! And for a graphic touch, make a mix and match of cushions: polka dots, stripes, or geometric patterns. Have fun !


If you are more attracted by the discreet and natural charm of the classic, opt for the beautiful COURBERY lounge. What could be better than a rattan garden furniture to give an old-fashioned charm to your exterior? Design and comfortable, this three seater sofa accompanied by its two armchairs and its coffee table will welcome your friends for tea, in a very “country chic” decor. We love ! Remember: indoors and outdoors, express yourself in your decor! And to celebrate the arrival of sunny days, also think of the tropical style, very trendy!

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