Maintain a lino floor

Maintain a lino floor

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Lino floor: very simple daily maintenance

Good news: everyday, it takes little for good maintain your linoleum floor or vinyl. A blow of vacuum cleaner to remove dust, a blow of mop thereafter to remove traces and stains, and presto, voila!
Be careful though: to ensure the longevity of a lino floor covering there are things to avoid:

  • The first false good idea for take care of a lino flooris to wash it with lots of water. In fact, the lino has little resistance to water in large quantities and to the humidity that goes with it. Ok for a mop passage therefore, but provided that it is slightly damp and that it is not soaked with household products containing solvents. Otherwise, your lino could be soaking up stagnant water, with the (bad) odors that go with it. Moderately pleasant ...
  • Second bad idea for good maintain a lino floor : wax it to make it shiny and protect it. If on paper the idea may seem judicious, in reality, the wax would risk to weave between the micro-spaces of the lino for a visual rendering ultimately very average.
  • Another rule to respect to minimize damage to your linoleum floor : scratches caused by moving furniture. It is therefore better to think of placing felt pads under the feet of chairs, tables and cupboards.

Which household products to clean your linoleum floor?

Lino is a flooring reputed to be very easy to clean, because very resistant: if it is not very dirty, you can completely consider cleaning it with water added with a little white vinegar, or even bleach without risk to damage or discolor it. If your floor is natural linoleum, do not hesitate to favor cleaning products with a neutral pH in order to attack them as little as possible.

If your lino has been very dirty, you can optionally add a little black soap to your mop water. Black soap will make your linoleum very clean, and in addition, it will make it shine.

On the other hand, always take care to use only a minimum of water when cleaning your vinyl or lino floor, as these are subject to mold.

Grandma's technique for polishing a lino floor

You have recovered a dwelling with a lino floor that is either very damaged or even moldy, and you do not know what to do? Do not panic: there is a more practical solution than removing it to replace a new floor covering! Indeed, there is an unstoppable grandmother remedy for recover a lino in a calamitous state:

  • Prepare a mixture of mustard, flour and water, which you will apply to very damaged and / or moldy areas.
  • Leave the mixture on for at least three hours before removing it with a damp cloth. Miracle: stubborn stains and mold will now only be a bad memory!


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